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We will be on the road for our RV adventure starting 7/1/2017 and will not be able to sell paintings. Please Check our website at

Thank you!

Chinese peasant painting, Chinese folk art, Jinshan peasant painting, Jinshan farmers paintings, Jinshan Peasant Painting Academy, original, Asian, oriental folk art, photos of China, note cards with photos, original ink art, calligraphy, bamboo paintings, brush artworkFolk Art China brings you original Jinshan peasant paintings from Jinshan Peasant Painting Academy, original photos of China, note cards with photos. Experience the Chinese culture now!

Chinese New Year starts on 1/28/2017. The year of 2017 is the year of the Rooster.


Jinshan peasant painting, Chinese folk art, farmers paintings, Chinese customs, festivals, baby girls, kids, gouache, watercolor, picture, print

Jinshan peasant painting takes you to rural China. It's gouache painted on the rice paper. Each painting tells a story: Chinese customs, festivals, farmers daily life. Vibrant color, unique design. Naive Chinese folk art for your children's rooms.

Our Jinshan peasant paintings are featured on this NBC Web site

New!Photos of ChinaOriginal digital photos we took on our trips to China over the years. See China's history, culture and scenery through the lens. Add to your home decoration for an oriental touch.

New!Note Cards, greeting cards, Chinese calligraphy, ink art, brush art, Chinese ink painting, digital photos

Blank note cards with printed digital photos of China. Greeting from the far east. (3 for $10, plus $3 shipping)

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