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Gifts For The Moon Festival
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Artist: Sheng Pu
Type: Gouache on rice paper
Item No: JSLB1001
Size: 16 x 16 inches
Our Price: $135
Description:   This is a very nice painting. On the table covered by the indigo cloth are the gifts for the Moon Festival. In the lacquer box are moon cakes, bananas, pineapples and some other cookies in the wrap. Each moon cake has a Chinese character on it, consisting of the phrase of Mid-autumn moon cakes. There are also a lotus root, water caltrops, persimmon and water chestnuts. A jar of wine and a vase with flowers are also on the tabletop. The most beautiful detail is the painting on the vase, an ancient intellect rides on a donkey and his maid holds the canopy for him. This year's Moon Festival is on September 28. On this full moon night, family will get together and enjoy the moon and food. The chop of the artist is at the lower left corner. This painting won the 3rd award in the Ninth Session of "Spring South of the Yangtze River" Art Exhibition of Shanghai in 1997.

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