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cats in the kitchen
Chinese peasant painting, folk art, cats in the kitchen
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framed Chinese peasant painting, folk art, cats in the kitchen


Artist: Zhu Yaying
Type: Gouache on rice paper
Item No: JVLS2011
Size: 10 x 10 inches
Our Price: $75
Out of stock!
Description:  This painting describes a peasant's kitchen filled with cats. This kitchen still uses old furniture and a traditional stove with painting on its sides. Outside of the kitchen is a well and a bucket, a chicken and rooster is hanging out there. Mom is sitting by the door knitting, a cat is playing with her wool ball, mom knits her brows at the naughty cat. Another cat is on top of the water container, trying to catch the fish hanging on the wall. Granny and the boy is prepare food for dinner. At the foot of granny, a cat is taking a nap.Two cats are playing with each other, another cat is catching an insect on the floor.

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